About the night chronicles
The Night Chronicles is a production entity with Media Rights Capital, focused on generating a series of supernatural thrillers. The films are based on original ideas from M. Night Shyamalan. Night will not write or direct these films, but will look to collaborate with inspiring filmmakers to help bring his stories to life.

"Neither Night or I knew what it would be like to collaborate, but we were both very satisfied with the experience. Night is a consummate filmmaker who is accomplished in so many aspects of the work, but if there were only one area in which he could operate, I hope he would choose writing. Night was extremely generous in urging me to experiment and occasionally take a wrong turn. He consistently encouraged me to put my own voice into these characters and push them to the edge. The Brothers Dowdle were also invaluable in shaping and building the script, and I think we're all proud that the finished film represents a blending of all our strengths."

- Brian Nelson, screenwriter Devil, Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night